Ohserase (o.se.la.se) Manufacturing

Located on the Akwesasne Mohawk Indian Reservation between northern New York and Canada, is a federally licensed tobacco products manufacturer.
This family owned facility has grown to almost 80,000 square feet and houses state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture a multitude of premium tobacco products with speed and consistent quality. Our day-to-day operations employ a dedicated staff of community members that take great pride in the products we produce, ensuring they are inspected, packaged and delivered fresh to our customers.

OM Advantage

All Natural Premium Tobacco
Our 100% Guarantee
Made in the USA
Competitive Pricing
Family Owned and Operated
Highest Quality Standards
Superior Customer Service
Attractive POS Materials
We Deliver Excellence!

Our History

Ohserase is Eli Tarbell's Mohawk name and means "New Year". The significance for naming the company Ohserase was to symbolize our commitment to bring a New Year or new era in delivering quality tobacco products to our customers. We have carefully combined the finest tobaccos, high quality materials, state of the art manufacturing equipment, and knowledgeable staff to create a world class product for you to enjoy.

The quality and value of our cigarette is evident as our customer base continues to grow. Many of our distributors and retailers are experiencing the growing demand of our brand that we proudly call "SIGNAL". SIGNAL is easily recognizable by our logo, and anywhere you see it, you can expect to get a consistently smooth draw no matter what part of the country you purchase your product.

We thank you for your interest in our brand and our history and welcome you to the SIGNAL experience!

Our Brands

When you buy any of our premium tobacco products, you can feel confident that your purchase is backed by our 100% Guarantee. If our product does not meet your sales projection within the first 90 days of receipt, our Sales Representative will work with you to devise a sales plan that will help drive sales. If your sales do not increase within the next 90 days following the implementation of this sales plan, we will gladly authorize a 100% refund for all unsold product or exchange it for another product of your choice.
Filtered Cigars
Pipe Tobacco

Our Team & Facilities

The key to Ohserase Manufacturing's success has been the family's core values and strict adherence to their mission - To Deliver Excellence! These values have driven the commitment and energy of a team of over 300 members in various businesses throughout the territory. Dedicated employees focus on exceptional service and professionalism to our customers and fellow associates alike.